The InterAlliance Insurance Company provides a complete range of business insurance products and services covering a broad spectrum of corporate clients, including small business owners to multinational corporations engaged in a wide variety of business activities.

Our business insurance solutions help companies manage a wide range of risks and exposures encountered in today’s business environment.

Coverage alone is not always the answer. We can and do provide alternative solutions. Situations exist where the exposure to loss can be transferred with Hold Harmless Agreements/Contracts, or even eliminated with proper loss prevention services. These are a few examples of the value added services and advice we offer to reduce your exposure to loss and cost of insurance.
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InterAlliance Insurance Company
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Welcome to InterAlliance Insurance Company
Our Promise

•    A thorough review of your exposures to provide the proper protection.
•    Alternative solutions beyond the sale of insurance coverage.
•    In-house claims representative acting in your interest for an
            equitable and timely settlement.
•    Competitive pricing with pay plans suited to your business needs.
•    Ongoing reviews of your coverage needs and costs.
•    Prompt service including the issuance of binders and certificates.
Our Team

Our staff of dedicated professionals designs a comprehensive insurance program that meets your firm’s particular coverage needs while adjusting to changing market conditions. We thoroughly examine every aspect of your operation to determine the best possible approach while remaining sensitive to your business costs.

•    More than 70 insurance professionals averaging 23 years of experience.
•    State of the art technology enabling our staff to respond promptly.
•    All working together to answer the most important questions.
InterAlliance Insurance Company

We provide variable annuities to help you face the challanges of today's market.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of variable annuities that focus on your long-term retirement goals and wealth management needs. Our variable annuities come with guarantees designed to help you protect your investments during various market conditions.

You have access to over 30 investment options from more than 20 highly respected money managers. The Global Insurance Group Comprehensive Management Performance process ensures that we hand-pick the money managers that offer you many choices for diversification using appropriate asset allocation strategies from all of the major asset classes and investment styles.

Innovative products, responsive customer service, and the sound financial strength of The Global Insurance Group make The Global Insurance Group the place to turn to help meet your long-term retirement objectives.